Google Adsense: Advantages & Rules To Follow


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Today world is the world of web n we,everyone in today has a good relationship with web.And there  is a very less chance that you have been browsing the Internet and haven’t come across Google AdSense advertisements.Today I  want  to make you all aware about google adsense.I know that many of you are very much familiar with google adsense.But today I want  to tell you introduction,advantages and disadvantages of Google adsense.I know Nowadays everyone related to the  blogging,web designing  and videos monetising like in you tube wants to approve google adsense in their sites and videos.  You can find AdSense adds on websites also  provides  professional  services too, although this is not recommended because it sends your valuable traffic away and it also conveys the message that since you are not doing enough business you are trying to generate some extra cash with the help of AdSense ads.

SO millions of people  publishes their contents on the their sites. Google provided the best way of displaying ads and provided an opportunity to the publishers to earn a lot of money. Google AdSense  is not only used by  publishers they are also a significant source of income for mainstream media publishers such as newspapers and video websites.

If you want to publish adsense adds on your blog or website first of all you need to open an adsense account at the Google AdSense website. Then  you need to paste the JavaScript code somewhere in your blog or website . When generating the JavaScript code you can also decide  what type of  format of adds you would like for your website or blog. Once the code has been generated you can copy/paste it. Once the code is activated. Google AdSense fully  uses its own style to make out what type  of ads should appear on your website which matters that what type and quality of contents you should have.So in this way google adsense works for us.

Below are the advantages and disadvantages  of google adsense.


• Google Adsense is not like some other adds companies who want commisions or want money to join their sites for publishing adds in your site or blog.It is free of cost.You only need to be approved for it only.

• Google Adsense is the advertisements organisation where you do not have to need a lot of experience and training.You only have to know about the good position of your adds.

•You can make a lot of money easily if you have a large numbers and good quality of contents and also lots of traffic.

•Google Adsense do not involve the other companies adds.It involve the adds of google products only.

•Google Adsense provided a good interface for managing your ads and ad formats.

Rules & Policies:

•For Google adsense it is very difficult to be approved.Google Adsense takes a lot of time for approval.

•It is very difficult to make a good money in google adsense because for this you should have to develop a lot of clicks and traffic on google adds.

• In other adds companies you can format the adds according to your wish but in google adsense you cannot do that.

•It is also feel sad that  Google  stop your adsense revenue when your traffic will be decreased very much.

•In google adsense  You cannot control the money because money vary with your traffic and popularity os the site.

• You also cannot control or it is out of your control on the adds appear on your website or blog.

•It is the main disadvantage of google adsense that google may block your site if it is seeming bad results for google.

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