How to Disable 302 Redirection In Your Domain

From the title of this article undoubtedly you guys are well known about that today what

thing  I am going to discuss about .So guys Firstly all of you should know about that

what  the thing 302 Redirection is?

isable 302 Redirection


Some of you guys may hear about this error or some may not. No doubt that from all

of you who used blogger platform or are using blogger platform suffered from this

type of redirection. So let us come to the main point that What is 302 redirection? 302

Redirection is a type of redirection which occurs only in the Blogger platform. In this

type of Redirection your current domain changes automatically to your country domain

or we can say that it changes according to maximum readers of a particular country to

a targeted blog. For  example if a person have a blog say  then

if readers read his blog frpm the   country say India then his blog’s domain changes

automatically to .So 302 Redirection is totally depends on the

probability of the readers from a particular country to read a blog.302 Redirection is

not a permanent Redirection, it is a temporary Redirection.  We can easily find this

type of redirection in the blogger platform, who uses .

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Due to 302 Redirection the free blogspot users faces many problems .The two main

problems which plays a very important role in our website’s popularity are: One is the

blogspot user faces different alexa ranks  for the different countries readers .As you

guys are well known about alexa that It is the world’s largest and the popular website

owned by Amazon which is generally used to rank a website and tells about the

traffic,bounce rate,page views per day,time duration etc. of the website which plays an

important role in popularity of a website. Lets discuss about that what effect does  a

302 Redirection influence on the alexa rank of a website.Suppose you are checking

alexa rank of a particular website say  then you check the

alexa rank of website say  then you may get different alexa rank

for these two websites.This is because Alexa gives different ranks for different

domains like .net,,.com,.org and country domain like .in,.uk,.cu etc. So the

problems faced by you that the visitors who comes to your blog or reads your blog

mostly see your alexa rank .Suppose  you are from India , visitors from India are

visiting your site daily and you also have good traffic and good page views daily. So

you guys can imagine that what happened if they see  your rank in  ,but your rank is bad because your rank is good in . So guys this causes a very bad impression on your

readers.Also you can get disappointment from the adsense and other advertisers also

because these advertsers companies also see your alexa rank to approve your website

for showing adds.

The second main problem due to 302 Redirection is Backlinks problem .Suppose

you have a lot of backlinks related to  your blog but there will

be no use of your so many backlinks if there is a 302 Redirection  in your blog.This is

because if readers will click on the link  then your blog url

automatically changes to if you are from the country India.So

there will be no use of your backlinks because they are related to .com not .in and your

.in rank will increase and .com rank will go on decreasing.


Its time to not to worry about 302 Redirection for blogspot users because here is a

solution for them to resolve this problem easily.We can easily disable the 302

Redirection by following below steps:

.Firstly you have to go to blogger dashboard.

.Then just go to the  template option in the right side of the dashboard.

.Now click on Edit HTML option.

.Then a box will appear with a large no.  of codings.You have to find the <Head >tag

by ctrl+F and paste the below code:

<script type=’text/javascript’> var str= window.location.href.toString(); if ((str.indexOf(&#39;.com/&#39;))==&#39;-1&#39;) { var str1=str.substring(str.lastIndexOf(&quot;.blogspot.&quot;)); if (str1.indexOf(&#39;/&#39;)==&#39;-1&#39;) { var str2=str1; } else { var str2=str1.substring(0,str1.indexOf(&#39;/&#39;)+1); } window.location.href =window.location.href.toString().replace(str2,&#39;;); } </script>

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