How To Make Money Online In 2020

Make Money Online In 2020

So guys the title looking interesting and spicy that How To Make Money 

 Online Easily .As you all know that Today Internet has become most popular

thing in the world. Internet is spreading rapidly and thoroughly throughout the

whole world. It has made a unique place in our world or our lives. Internet  is

popularizing from countries to countries, states to states, cities to cities and

villages to villages. It has become popular among children to an old ones.

People uses Internet for different purposes like work, business, advertisement,

entertainment, online business etc. Nowadays many people make the Internet

as a medium to earn money. I am sure many of you people are make money

from the internet and many of you don’t .  Here I will show you the most

popular and the best steps to make money online easily. Sometimes we  guys

read a post or article but we don’t follow that because we guys don’t know

that Is that post or article is correct or not? So mostly we don’t follow that

post and search for other in the hope that we will find better and this thing

happened again and again . I must say that we guys

should concentrate on one thing then go for others. Lets come to the point that

How To Make Money Online Easily:

Make money Online Easily by blogging

. By Blogging: As many of you guys are familiar with Blogging and some of

you may not. Blogging is the best and the popular way to earn money money

online easily.From  Blogging you can earn a lot of money easily but once

when your blog is totally set up and having a lot of traffic.The main steps to

earn money from blogging are Advertisments, Affliate Marketing etc.If you

have a lot of traffic and you have approved your blog for an Advertiser say

Google  Adsense then you can imagine that How much money you can make

from it within a day.Google Adsense is the largest Advertiser in the world

today which pays maximum amount of money to its users.For this you have to

show their adds in your blog and the adsense will give you money on per

click.You can also apply for the popular adds showing companies like

chitika,bidvertiser,speedyadds etc.These companies also give you a huge

amount of money for showing their adds on your blog or website.

You can also earn money through affiliate marketing by your blog.Affliate

Marketing is the marketing of the products by the companies like

Flipkart,Ebay,Myntra etc.These companies give commission to you if you

show their products in your blog and they are bought by the visitors if they

bought from your blog adds then these companies will give you a commission

for selling their products.So in this way you can earn a lot of money from

your blog.

 Make Money Online Easily by Web designing

. Web Designing: Web Designing in a simple way is a type of art to design the

web pages. Web Designing is very popular nowadays to earn money online.If a

person have a good knowledge about web designing then he can earn a lot of

money online by designing web pages,themes or templates.The demand for the

web designer in the Internet Marketing is rapidly increasing nowadays because

big business companies or big marketers want different type of websites to be

designed so that the can spread their business worldwide through Internet.For

this they hire web designers who are paid a lot of money by these

companies.So a web designer can made a lot of money within a month

through web designing.A Web designer can also earn money by making  well

developed templates and themes.And he can sell them in popular theme or

template selling or buying websites like Themeforest.Once you joined

Themeforest then you have to submit your theme for review and once your

theme is approved then they give money to you when a person buy your theme

through themeforest.

 Make Money Online Easily by shortening url

. By Shortening URLs: Nowadays  the most popular and easy method to earn

money is shortening url. You guys can easily earn money these days by shorten

your url.There are many popular shortening url websites like Adfly,,, Linkbucks etc.Once you have  joined these sites for free then you

have to shorten a particular url through these sites and you have to copy that

shorten url  and have to share your shorten url through social media like

Facebook, Google +, Stumble upon,Pinterest,Twitter etc.When the people

click on your url then an add appears and if the person see that page for 5

seconds then you will be paid by that shortening companies.You guys can

imagine that how much money you can earn if you have a strong network

through social media.You can earn hundreds of dollars from these websites

per month.So in this way you can earn money easily by shortening urls.

 Make Money Online Easily by paid to click

. Paid To Click (PTC):First of all let me tell about PTC sites.PTC means

paid to click ,these are the sites which give you money for clicking on or

viewing their adds.We can easily earn money from these PTC sites.For this

you have to join the PTC sites,the most popular sites are

Clicksense,Neobux,Probux,Buxmail,Clickfair etc.These sites are all free to

join.Once you joined these sites then they provide you mails which contains

adds ,you have to click on that adds then you will be automatically paid for

viewing these adds.In order to receive payment you have to make an account

in paypal or payza which directly links to your bank account.So when you

reach the minimum payout then you can make your payment easily.

 Make Money Online Easily by uploading files

Paid For Download:From the title you guys are known about that what I

am going to share in this method.Paid For Download are the sites which gives

you money for downloading your files by the other visitors or internet

users.For this you have to join the downloading sites like

Depositfiles,Uploade etc.Then you have to upload anything you want like

images,songs,videos etc.And then you have to share these files through social

media like Facebook, Twitter,Google + etc.Once visitors visit your files and if

they have interest the download it then you have been paid by downloading

sites for downloading your files.So In this way Paid For Download sites works.

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