How to set video as desktop wallpaper ?

set video as desktop wallpaper

Today I am going to tell you about the trick that how to set a video as the desktop wallpaper.I am sue about that after seeing the title you must be exciting by imaging that how can we set the video as desktop wallpaper. Before this you all sometimes wanted to set the cool videos as the desktop wallpaper but you could not because you had not any trick or idea about that how to set a video as desktop wallpaper then you came to the right  place. So today in this post i am going to  teach you how to set videos as your  desktop wallpaper with a simple nice little trick and small tool or software that mostly every one has installed on their computer or laptop. It should be clear that this trick works on  Windows Xp as well as it works on windows 7. Now you have to go throughout the below post to learn this simple trick.

How to set video as desktop wallpaper ?

1. Open VLC Media Player.

2. Then Go to Tools > Preference Or press CTRL + P and Selecet Video from left panel

3. Then Choose DirectX video output from output dropdown list.

4. Save the changes ans restart VLC Media Player.

5. Play any video you would like to set as your desktop wallpaper.

6. Then click on Video and select DirectX Wallpaper from the dropdown list.

7. Now Minimize vlc player and you will see your video running on your desktop as wallpaper.

8. If you want your default wallpaper back then uncheck DirectX Wallpaper from video dropdown list.

9. Hope you like this simple trick share your thought about this trick in comment section

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