Make Your Computer Talk What You Type

Make Your Computer Talk What You Type

In my previous post I had share the trick that How you can know about the

gender of your computer or Is your computer male or female.Today I am

going to share a crazy and interesting trick like this, I am sure that you will be

totally know about the trick which i am going to give you by seeing the

title.So let me give a brief description about this trick.The trick is make your

computer talk whatever you type.This trick is totally dependant on batch

programming.So let your computer talk what you will type.Lets begin the trick

Make Your Computer Talk What You Type

  • Firstly as always in my previous tricks  open Notepad.
  • Now you have to  copy the  below codes:
  • Dim message, sapi
  • message=InputBox(“What do you want me to say?”,”COOL HACKING TRICKS”)
  • Set sapi=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)
  • sapi.Speak message

  • After copying the above codes just paste it in the NOTEPAD.
  • Now go to the file option and save the notepad file as talk.vbs.
  • After this go to the folder where you have saved your file.
  • Then a popup box will appear which will tell you that type what you want to listen.

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