Best Google Cardboard VR Android Games and Apps

Google Cardboard and its apps are offering so much in the easiest way to let people experience virtual reality today with the help of their smartphones. While the VR headsets like Sony's Playstation VR and Oculus Rift are making the most noise in the virtual reality market, Google cardboard offers the low-cost consistency,DIY virtual reality headset and a software platform which is very useful for app developers to expand and add Virtual reality (VR) experience.

Best Google Cardboard VR Android Games and Apps


1. Tilt Brush Gallery  App on Google play store

Tilt Brush Gallery

It doesn't allows you to draw your imagination but lets you look around creations and full motion drawn demos of Tilt brushes contrasting a wide range of abstracts.

Price: Free

2. Caaaaardboard!   App on Google play store

Caaaaardboard! App

It is a custom made version of the game AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!! which is specially made for virtual reality headsets. Caaaaardboard! is a game that works like a charm with Google Cardboard and lets you experience a immersive diving off of building which seems so real while performing stunts in it.

Price: $1.99

3. Titans of Space    App on Google play store

Titan of Space App

This is a great VR game for parents who wants to teach their kids. Including very vast visual experience, the app also offers some fun facts and information about the outer space celestial bodies. It is full of twinkling stars and our solar system, a great stuff for educational purposes.

Price: Free

4. Sisters   App on Google play store

Sister App

Switch off your lights, insert your headphones into your smartphone and get ready to get insanely freaked out. It is a creepy, addictive, sinister with full of scary surprises which will surely give a heart stopping experience.

Price: Free

5. Insidious VR    App on Google play store

Insidious VR App

You will get a voice guided tour of the afterlife in a very creepy way full of horrifying sound effects. It was launched to promote the Insidious movies series but the experiences it offers are quite intense and creepy.

Price: Free

6. Roller Coaster VR    App on Google play store

Roller Coaster VR App

Afraid of riding on a roller coaster? A must download app to experience in immense roller coaster themed ride with a wonderful jungle scenery.

Price: Free

7. Vrse   App on Google play store

Vrse VR App

It is a storytelling based application which offers you sweeping landscapes and some great graphics with a perfect background storyline. It is a free app to download and one of the best app for experiencing VR till date.

Price: Free

8. Waa! VR    App on Google play store

Waa! VR App

This VR app is truly good for kids. Waa! VR is a virtual reality game where a little astronaut gets assigned to you and allows you to go on tremendous breathtaking adventures of the space. You need to focus on objects shown inside the Waa! VR to select or initiate them. It offers a full 360 degree viewing experience and you are supposed to defend your little sweet astronaut from the incoming asteroids.

Price : $1.15

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