How to Find ATM with Cash Near Your Location

It is pretty obvious that you're looking for ATMs around you to take out some cash for daily needs, isn't it?

Well, soon after Prime Minister Narender Modi announced that Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes will not be valid, people  are facing major problems in carrying on their daily life.

One can easily find huge no. of people standing in queues outside any ATM near you and only Rs.100 notes are available for now as Rs.500 and Rs.2000 notes are still to be circulated around ATMs.

Generally, each ATM has a capability to store up to 40 Lakh of cash with a combination of Rs.100 , Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes but after the demonetization of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes, only 10 Lakh could be stored into each ATM machine.

cashnocash homepage

Well, there's a company RBWMedia situated in Bangalore, Karnataka which helps people to launch their startup and make them grow at a larger scale using marketing solutions through web, mobile applications and offline services too.

Recently, they have launched a great product to solve out your ATM withdrawal issues. All the people, who are standing in long queues to withdraw some cash out of ATM would be please to hear that now finally there's a source from which you can find out whether the ATM near you is holding any cash or not.

The only thing that you people have to do is to open and enter their pin-code and hit search. You can also allow its access my location popup to automatically detect your location help you with the best possible results.

cashnocash atm list result near your location

After, that all the ATMs nearby your location will get listed with a status sign as "Cash" which means there's cash available that you can withdraw, "Wait" means long queues and "No Cash" means that the ATM is currently out of cash.

People can click on that status sign and check its recent update time when there was a last transaction or last checked whether it is active with cash or not.

Clicking on "Wait" status sign will let you know about the details like average wait time and approximate queue length.

Similarly, "No Cash" will tell you when there was no cash with the last checked time and date.

CashNoCash alert box

In bonus, you also get an option to create an alert to get notified when there's cash available in ATMs around your location. Now, let me know isn't that a great thing?

I suppose that this is best service that one can find to brace themselves with information about available in ATMs around their location.

So, guys do leave your views and reviews about CashNoCash in below comment section and spread this information with others too as everyone is in need for some cash to carry out their daily needs, your one share will help a lot.

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